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Twilight sighed, closing the book in front of her. She had been researching for a while now, and had still come up with no results. She was starting to wonder if she would ever find out what-

Twilight jumped a bit when she heard knocking on her door. 'who could be here now……?' she wondered as she walked over to the door and answered it.

Opening her front door, she saw five other ponies standing there waiting for her. One was a pink pony with a pink mane and tail and light blue eyes, while her cutie mark was of three balloons. This pony was known as Pinkie Pie to her friends.

The second, who was named Applejack, was a light orange color with a yellow mane and tail, her mane and tail in a red ponytail at the tip. She had green eyes and wore a western hat, while her cutie mark was of three apples.

The third, Rarity, was a pure white color, her mane and tail purple. She had royal blue eyes, a cutie mark of three diamonds, and a white horn, what with her being a unicorn.

The fourth was a Pegasus names Fluttershy. She had a light pink mane and tail, and her body and wings were yellow in color. Her eyes were a light teal, and her cutie mark was that of three butterflies.

The fifth and last pony was a Pegasus, her body and wings a cyan color. Her mane and hair were- surprisingly- all the colors of the rainbow, and her cutie mark was a cloud with a rainbow colored lightning bolt, while her eyes were a primrose color. Her name was Rainbow Dash.

"hey guys." Twilight greeted, letting them inside. "why are you all here?"

"what? We can't pay a visit to our friend?" Applejack teased.

"you can, but I'm pretty busy right now." Twilight answered. "Spike!" she called out.

Poking his head out from his small basket he slept in, Spike- who was a purple baby dragon- looked over at twilight and yawned.

"what is it, Twilight?" Spike asked, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes.

"I need you to find me another book for my research. Preferably something to do with inter-dimensional traveling." Twilight answered.

As Spike got up to find what Twilight was looking for, her friends gave her a confused look.

"inter-what? What do you need a book on that for?" Rainbow Dash asked.

Twilight explained to her friends about the kidnapping of princess Celestia and Luna, not to mention the theft of the elements of harmony.

"oh dear! Whatever shall we do?" Rarity wondered aloud, worry clouding her features.

"that's why I've been researching on things to do with other worlds and inter-dimensional travel." Twilight continued. "if I find out more on how the man created that portal, I may be able to create one similar to the one he made, so that I can go and rescue Celestia and Luna and retrieve the elements of harmony."

"if you're gonna do that, we're comin' with you!" Applejack stated. "after all, friends stick together, right? We'll help ya 'till the end, Twilight."

Twilight was a bit hesitant at this, not wanting to risk putting the others in danger. But she knew there was no point in arguing against their choice, knowing they would only want to accompany her more.

"alright." Twilight nodded.

"here ya go, Twilight." Spike said, walking over to Twilight with a book in his hands.

"thanks, Spike." She said, opening the book in front of her. Skimming through some pages, she came to a page and stopped, reading over it carefully. "hmm……"

"did ya find somethin'?" Applejack asked twilight.

"I don't know……" Twilight answered honestly. "it says something about 'chaos emeralds'……"

"chaos emeralds? What are those?" Pinkie Pie asked, tilting her head to the side.

"it says, 'seven powerful emeralds, known as the chaos emeralds, each have great quantities of power. Their power is mysterious, each of the emeralds able to turn thoughts or feelings into power. Another powerful emerald, known as the master emerald, is able to control the powerful energies swirling in the seven emeralds. When all seven emeralds are collected, it is said a miracle is supposed to occur, and all of the energy from each of the emeralds gather together, causing what is known as chaos control. Chaos control can have enough power to allow inter-dimensional traveling, and can range from traveling from planet to planet, to as far as traveling to different universes.'" Twilight replied, reading word-for-word from the book set in front of her.

"so, if we found these 'chaos emeralds', we'd be able to go where princess Celestia and princess Luna are and save them and the elements of harmony?" Rainbow Dash questioned.

"it seems that way." Twilight answered, closing the book.

"well, we better start lookin' for them, then." Applejack continued.

Pinkie Pie gasped after that, a huge grin spreading on her face. "a treasure hunt!! This'll be fun!!!" she shouted before dashing out the front door almost too fast from her friends to notice.


Back at Dr.Eggman's base, the mysterious figure with the green eyes was walking down the shadowy halls of the base.

"finally…..all of the pieces have fallen into place. Even that old fool of a doctor doesn't have a clue of my plan……soon, I will have my revenge on all of them…..every last one of them….." he murmured to himself.

He stopped walking once he had walked outside into the early morning light.

If one were to walk by, they would've mistaken this person as shadow. He was almost exactly the same- same up-turned quills, same black fur, same gloves and shoes- he even had the same inhibitor rings on his wrists and ankles as shadow did.

However, this person had grey-ish silver streaks instead of the ruby red shadow had, and this person's eyes were a piercing lime green.

"get ready, fools……mephiles has returned."
what's this?! CHAPTER 3?!?!? GASP!

the secret villain is revealed, and he may have bigger plans of his own than of what dr.eggman intends.......
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